The brutal and beautiful, a new store and collection launch from Timorous Beasties

Founded in 1990 by designers Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons Timorous Beasties have become synonymous with bold eccentric textiles and home furnishings. Craftsmanship, quality and impeccable detail, the designs take inspiration from the every day and particularly play on Timorous Beasties’ fascination with the often-brutal beauty of the environment around them.

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The brand is Glasgow born and bred, but London now plays host to the first Timorous Beastie retail showroom. Positioned on the Islington/Clerkwenwell border, the newly fitted out Amwell Street shop is a riot of colour of print.

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Visitors to the showroom are encouraged to immerse themselves in the world of Timorous Beasties. Digitally printed wallpaper, cushions and fabrics which all show a dark side of nature.

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Timorous Beasties’ designs now adorn everything from guest room walls at Claridges and the Langham in London to windows at the Supreme Court. Head to Amwell Street, London, for the full Timorous Beasties experience - including the chance to browse bespoke one-off furniture pieces, upholstered in daring designs.

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Discover more about Timorous Beasties here.

Feature: Rory Robertson

Images: Timorous Beasties