Louis Poulson and Olafur Eliasson unveil Quasi Light

Louis Poulsen, the world-renowned Danish lighting brand, has revealed a collaboration with Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson. The new, large-scale pendant light was unveiled at Milan Design Week last month. Beautifully crafted and inspired by the relation between mathematical forms, the OE Quasi Light uses geometry to shape light while reinforcing Louis Poulsen's and Eliasson’s shared idea that good light = a good life. A statement that grabbed our attention.

Louis Poulsen 1.png

The lighting fixture is composed of two contrasting geometric shapes, nested inside each other. The outer layer, a rigid aluminum frame, is in the shape of an icosahedron (a form consisting of 20 faces and 12 vertices). The inner layer, in the shape of a dodecahedron (a form featuring 12 faces and 20 vertices), seemingly floats inside of the icosahedron, reflecting the light in a spherical distribution.

Energy efficient LED lights are embedded at the vertices of the aluminum icosahedron, directing the light toward the lamp’s core: a white, inset pentagonal laminae made of polycarbonate. The result of all of this? light and shadow cast in different directions - a look which is sure to add interest to any room or space.

“I'm very excited to bring my longtime interest in geometry and light into this collaboration with Louis Poulsen to create the OE Quasi Light. What distinguishes it from so many lamps is that it shines in toward the core, from which the light is reflected back out onto the surroundings. In one form, the lamp combines precision in design with quality atmospheric lighting,” states Olafur Eliasson.

The concern for the emotional and physical effects of our surroundings is at the core of the lamp that Eliasson has conceived for Louis Poulsen. Louis Poulsen has been dedicated to creating lighting fixtures that are harmonious within their surroundings and have a positive effect on the viewer. This is lamp which has specifically been designed with long product-life and positive wellbeing.

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Sustainability comes via the use of aluminum - a 90% recycled material. With the design enabling future disassembly to replace and recycle parts, OE Quasi Light is designed to last. Never heard of the saying ‘buy once and buy well’? Apply it to this product.

“Over two years ago, we enlisted Olafur Eliasson to create a new product for Louis Poulsen – and the result is extraordinary. The OE Quasi Light is an inspirational product. A purposeful design piece that is uplifting to those in its presence,” says Søren Mygind Eskildsen, CEO of Louis Poulsen.

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Feature: Rory Robertson

Images: Louis Poulson and Olafur and Eliasson