Tribu by Pierre Frey

Admittedly, I am biased when it comes to fabric house Pierre Frey. I am a Francophile. Always have been, potentially always will be. I live for the days when I can drive my decrepit but oh-so characterful Citroen deux chevaux, which, I should add, sports a lemon yellow and Turquoise striped interior - thanks to Pierre Frey. I find that I am naturally drawn to the Gallic french charm and style.

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Their fabrics are so typically full of flare, and the colour schemes behold a point of true difference to anything else on the market. You can create something unique with Pierre Frey, and the results, from experience, are always considered fab.

Behold the latest range then, which has all the qualities and look that I have grown to love. Tribu, as the latest range is named, is said to be inspired by South African design and it has something of a late Art Deco vibe going on, emphasised possibly by the location house in which Pierre Frey have chosen to capture the images. The location has a 1930's 'ahead of its time' look about it, the likes of which I often associate with Bauhaus and the architect Goldfinger. The new line takes a heavy influence from graphic art, a key factor to life experienced in the African bush.

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There's a full and abundant selection of pattern and print, and a wide span of tones, too. To discover more about the range visit Pierre Frey and get yourself clued up.

Images: Pierre Frey

Writing: Rory Robertson

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