Rory Robertson for Hewlett Packard

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Brand new for 2019, I was asked to style and produce an edit showcasing new products for Hewlett-Packard International. You would be forgiven for thinking... why? and by this I mean where is the natural connection between HP (a renowned printer and computer brand) and the interior design industry? The answer lies in HP's new range of printing and inkjet technology.

(Broad Brushtroke wallpaper print with matching fabric)

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Their latest printers have now become so advanced that you can pretty much have any design you like printed onto wallpaper and fabric, and it will whizz out the other side of the printer, pronto.

Before we go any further I must point out that we're talking large, commercial scale printers here. But this service is planned to be available at your local print shops and HP centres, so you should be able to design and then order your own wallpaper and fabric locally. Talk about an advancement in how we decorate!

HP X Rory Robertson Stylist-2.png

HP were kind enough to ask me over, pre-photography shoot, to see the printing technique for myself at their European HQ in Barcelona. I was totally captured from word go. The ease at which you can scan and upload a design or print into the printer system, and the speed at which it then prints out of the inkjet printer. It's a decoration advancement, and in many respects, a revelation.

(Broad Brushtroke wallpaper print with matching fabric)

Drawing upon the theme of 'Global Fusion', one of the most popular trends in the interiors realm at the moment, I began shooting the fabulous fabrics and wallpapers which I requested from HP. From tablecloths to wallpapers, cushions to screens and framed wall prints - the options are endless.

HP X Rory Robertson Stylist.png

Proving that the new inkjet printers and technology from HP are broad-reaching, these images have been designed to show that wallpaper and fabric design can be given a highly personal touch, with quality and practicality to match, via an HP printer.

(Geo print wallpaper with matching fabric tablecloth print)

HP X Rory Robertson Stylist-6.png

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Top image: Broad Brushtroke print curtains with Fusion fabric print cushions

Photography: Alexander Edwards

Client: Hewlett-Packard

Shoot conception, styling and writing: Rory Robertson