Visit E1 Redchurch Townhouse

It may look petite from outside, but this newly renovated townhouse in London’s East End has everything you need for an authentic stay in what is still largely considered the hippest part of town.

Rechurch Townhouse 1.png

Why stay here though, when the original, and some might argue best Soho House sits a stones throw around the corner? The answer lies in the definition of discretion. Whilst many Soho House members enjoy the appeal of pulling up out front of Shoreditch House and being seen pool-side on the roof, there are always going to be those that would prefer to stay somewhat more anonymously. Redchurch Townhouse suits the latter. With an entrance akin to a hidden doorway (a doorway that is surrounded by graffiti and is easy to miss) you would be forgiven for walking right on by.

Rechurch Townhouse 2.png

But it’s not to be overlooked. Inside is a home-away-from-home designed by 31/44 architects. The 1960s building, which forms a modern extension of a terrace of Georgian buildings which face Redchurch Street, has been re-clad and refurbished with tasteful mid-century style and flair.

Redchurch Townhouse 3.png

There’s a variety of small-to-large rooms to choose from, each of which has been stylishly decorated. There’s also a Cecconi’s restaurant situated on the ground floor, part of the Townhouse, which opens out onto Redchurch itself for on-street dining.

Redchurch Townhouse 4.png

Don’t miss the ‘40 Under 40’ exhibition display - a curated collection of artwork, bespoke to Redhchurch Townhouse. And remember to pop over the road for some shopping at Brown’s East and Modern Society - two firm shopping favourites.

Feature: Rory Robertson

Images: Soho House