Modern Art Hire, an inspired new business by Laura Fulmine

Modern Art Hire (or M.A.H. for short) is the latest creative venture from interiors stylist and curator Laura Fulmine. What makes this art gallery different? We interviewed Laura at the bespoke gallery space in London’s East End to find out more.

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Q: Laura you are a curator and a creative, can you explain a little about your background and where the inspiration to set M.A.H came from?

A: I am an Interior stylist and art director, having been in the industry for the past 15 years. I style and art direct editorial and advertising shoots, organise and style events, design stands and run an Interior design consultancy.

I decided to set up M.A.H after years of trying to find interesting artworks to use on shoots. I decided to create one interesting platform that would take the stress out of searching different prop houses and getting in touch with artists (usually at short notice) and negotiating licences. I identified a gap in the market, a business where people can select high quality art work on the agreement of rental. Accessible art.

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Q: Can you explain briefly what M.A.H is about, how it works and who it is for?

A: M.A.H is a platform of an ever evolving roster of contemporary artists, all of whom have supplied their art works to hire, licence free. The site also offers a library of sourced vintage and commissioned pieces. All these works are aimed at interior and fashion stylists, art directors, set builders, photographers, interior designers, events companies and developers, hotels and restaurants. We are now offering long term rentals for residential clients also.

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Q: You exhibit a selection of different artists' work, how do you hone in and select the artists and the artworks? How strong is the element of personal taste in balance with end user requirements?

A: I spend a lot of time researching and sourcing each of the artists at M.A.H. They are artists that I both like personally and feel would work well in different areas of the Interiors Industry. I have tried to take into account many different styles so that there is something for everyone on the site. I think this is most apparent when visiting the gallery, each visitor is drawn to something completely different - this consistently surprises and delights me.

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Q: There seems to be fantastic scope for a gallery and business like this, is there anyone who you would like to collaborate with in the future?

A: We recently collaborated with the Manhattan Loft company, showcasing five different artists work in their newest hotel The Stratford. I think these types of collaborations are super exciting as it gives the artists a platform to showcase their works to a diverse array of potential international clients!

Q: Have you got anything planned that you can let our readers know about EG open events, gallery events? EG what’s next for M.A.H.

A: I am currently working on a collaboration with the amazingly talented Dello Studio. We will be creating a super exciting installation for LDF in September!

Image credits: Ben Anders.

Discover more about M.A.H here.

Visit the M.A.H gallery at:

M.A.H Modern Art Hire

2B Vyner Street


E2 9DG